is an e-store that was created in year 2004 with one purpose in mind: to allow customers all over the world to acquire the finest straw hat on earth, the Panama Hat.All of our straw hats are made 100% in Ecuador, a charming country where genuine Panama Hats come from. Ironically, these hats took their name after they were commercialized in the Panama Canal.

PanamaHatShop - Panama Hat Shop

We work with the best weavers of Ecuador in order to ensure quality items. All the hats we sell are made one piece at a time, woven by hand, blocked, trimmed and finished and then sent to you directly from Ecuador.

Our collection features different hat styles and qualities in order to suit all tastes and pockets. Our main source of straw hats is provided directly from masters weavers of the small town of Montecristi and the city of Cuenca. We are physically located in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, and here we pack and ship the hats all over the world.

Contact Information:
Av. Eugenio Espejo #2410
Centro Emp. Plaza del Rancho, Torre 2, Of. 103
Quito, EC170530